An Inspiration and Motivation Show that wants to share how to make and break rules, create new paths, shatter ceilings, propose thought leadership, speak out about the big ideas and get the World off its slumber..
    The format and style of the Show is real, organic and present with a dash at humor..

    Our Mantra: On this Show, we take on the World..
    Let us do it together

    Our Guests are the Stars and so is our Listener’

    BREAKOUT Radio and Video series is founded and produced by Abha Maryada Banerjee . All rights reserved


As we are on digital media, it is not possible to control transmission of this Show as it will picked up by various media. By agreeing to be on the Show, we are presuming that we have permission to use this content over different media for creating outreach.

Excited and looking forward to take on the World!

Best Regards