All our guests are game changers, mavericks, thought transformers and people who have been there and done that. They are right here to demystify the rules game and show us how to breakout of what we find limiting and break into what we find absolutely necessary for us!

From them we learn that there is only one rule to life and that is there are no rules to life!
Enjoy every word from the Masters, I did!

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Game Changers

Guy Kawasaki

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A man who needs no introduction, a rule maker, a trend setter, a community builder, the evangelist in the world of business, this is Guy. The social media guru, best selling author of thirteen books, creating new ways of doing just about everything with a moral compass guiding his way, an Entrepreneur par excellence, the marketing genius. Former Chief Evangelist of Apple and now the Chief Evangelist of Canva, transforming and democratizing design. We have seen him, heard him, read him and we can still find him on

Thank you Guy! Need more Guy Kawasaki’s out there ☺

Surprise : Watch Guy Kawasaki junior popping up in the background with his fun antics through the interview..High Five Young Man..Loved your Presence!

Meher Pudumjee – The Person

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Meet Meher Pudumjee, The unusual chairperson of one of India’s leading energy and environmental engineering conglomerates..THERMAX!

Down-to-earth yet tough, she is one of the brightest minds in business globally.

Chemical Engineer by profession, her heart beats for the educating the underprivileged children.

Vivacious, funny and speak as it is character she is the new generation entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in stereotypes either at work or in her life.

Thank you Meher, more power to you. :-)

Dame DC Cordova

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The super achiever and connector Dame DC Cordova​ is the CEO & owner of Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs as also Money & You Program, a global organization that has over 100,000 graduates from across the World and has inspired some of today’s greatest wealth and business experts, her work has touched millions of lives across the Globe..

Her purpose: ‘Uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially responsible businesses’. She is a philanthropist, humanitarian and known as an Ambassador of new Education, with a tireless pursuit to transform educational systems around the world and eradicate poverty and hunger.

 Thank you so much DC for doing what you are doing, much needed.. :-) 

 Find Dame DC Cordova at

Dr. Ivan Misner

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Entrepreneur par excellence, Businessman extraordinaire, philanthropist and New York Times bestselling author of 20 books Dr. IVAN MISNER is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the world’s largest business networking organization that truly transformed the idea of networking BNI since 1985.

Known as the ‘Father of Modern Networking’ by CNN and the ‘Networking Guru’ by the Entrepreneur Magazine. Recently names Humanitarian of the year by Red Cross and he sits on the Board of Trustees for the University of La Verne..His latest release is called ‘Who’s in Your Room?’

Thank you so much IVAN for sharing valuable insights on what it means to network..and the laughs.. :-)

Find Ivan Misner at

Kenneth Hap Klopp

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Hap Klopp is the Founder of North Face, the famous outdoor products company that led a disruption of sorts three decades ago. One of the best managed companies, lauded for best products, Hap shares his real life wisdom of Entrepreneurial success around the World on brand building, adventuring, leadership, entrepreneurship and human side of management. An investor and serving on various boards, Hap lectures at major business Schools. Author of ALMOST: 12 electric months chasing a Silicon Valley Dream’

Thank you Hap for driving immense value and making value the priority. :-)

Mark Babbitt

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Mark Babbitt is a Leadership and Career Mentor Speaker, Author and is the CEO and Fonder of YouTern, where emerging talents connects with entrepreneur driven businesses and non-profits through high impact mentor based internships. President of the Switch and Shift the top Leadership site and consultancy dedicated to leadership in the social age. Co- Author with Ted Coine, of the remarkable and breakthrough book, A World Gone Social..Mark has his feet into serving others in the most innovative ways

You can find Mark at and

Thank you Mark for wonderful insights into how we can optimize the social age by serving each other. :-)