All our guests are game changers, mavericks, thought transformers and people who have been there and done that. They are right here to demystify the rules game and show us how to breakout of what we find limiting and break into what we find absolutely necessary for us!

From them we learn that there is only one rule to life and that is there are no rules to life!
Enjoy every word from the Masters, I did!

Warm Regards

Game Changers

Margie Warrell

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If there is someone who is walking her talk with the gait of a brave adventurer, it’s Margie! Her life is a story of courage, overcoming adversity and loads of sheer will. Best Selling author, passionate advocate for women’s equality, Founding CEO of Global Courage and Raw Courage TV, the very unassuming, very hands on and extremely approachable lady who runs courage building programs in palces like NASA, Shell, American Federal Poilce and more. Look out for Margie at and

Thank you Margie, your courage is spilling over, enjoyed every bit of the chat! ☺

Lucia Rene

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The petite Lucia Rene, is more than a spiritual warrior, she is the channel for good..Most notably she has facilitated the dismantling of the underlying structure of Patriarchy in her award winning book, Unplugging the Patriarchy! A clear mystical experience the book has helped innumerable people shift their perceptions and helped women see themselves in the beyond..Ordained as  Buddhist monk she has received complete esoteric teachings..!
Thank you Lucia for sharing your in depth insights and what the 2016 energy holds for us..It was such an esoteric experience listening to your wisdom..

Ted Coine

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Very humorous and very inspirational Ted Coine, believes that all World likes to move towards the good. If we can find a way to do good, it is bound to get good results and that is his mantra for success. In his book A World Gone Social, Ted shares very powerful insights of how to succeed in the social age. His new blog OPEN for Business has some of the most powerful influencers of our times sharing their best advice on business and leadership. With a moralistic spin to life, Ted also lives every word of goodness that he speaks of and is deeply connected with his family influences.

Thank You Ted..We are behind you on the path of goodness. God Speed! ☺

Anese Cavanaugh

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Anese Cavanaugh is a Leadership and Cultural advisor who is a leading voice on intention, energy and presence in leadership & culture, she helps you unlock greater leadership potential , collaborate more inspiringly, create more openly, intuit more bravely and lead more joyfully and effectively. Creator of the IEP Method, she is an advisor and thinking partner to leaders and organizations around the World, she is the author of the Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives.

Find Anese on her twitter handle @anesecavanaugh,

Thank you Anese for a fantastic conversation..It is all so simple, just IEP! :-)

Ted Rubin

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Ted Rubin is a leading social marketing strategist, keynote speaker, brand evangelist, acting CMO of Brand Innovators and the man behind #RonR or Return on Relationships, his key philosophy. His book, Return on Relationships is a deep dive on why relationships matter and how to understand what works and doesn’t.  His new book , How to Look People in the Eye Digitally , delves into what people can see about you and how to make it totally human and authentic..

Find Ted at

Thanks Ted, Great conversation and handy advice on perspectives.. J

Sophie Wade

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Sophie Wade if the Founder of Flexcel Network, that match makes companies and workers wanting flexible jobs. Flexcel helps companies and individuals make successful transitions to the new work environment including flexible models. On the one hand Flexcel helps corporations to maximize benefits and minimize disruptions in their transition to the new work environment. On the other it helps employees and independent workers to adapt and start proactively managing their new, latticed corporate or diversified, independent careers.

Find Sophie Wade at

Thanks Sophie for the work you do..Women got to take a look at this..