All our guests are game changers, mavericks, thought transformers and people who have been there and done that. They are right here to demystify the rules game and show us how to breakout of what we find limiting and break into what we find absolutely necessary for us!

From them we learn that there is only one rule to life and that is there are no rules to life!
Enjoy every word from the Masters, I did!

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Game Changers

Shaun Proulx

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Canadian media entrepreneur, speaker, author, publisher, interviewer and radio & television personality, passionate about leading a #ThoughtRevolution about the limits we place on ourselves, and those around us.  His most recent interview coup was landing the #1 guest of his dreams: Oprah Winfrey and they spoke about the power of the first step in New York City last spring. He is the current host of  the weekly The Shaun Proulx Show on SiriusXM’s Canada Talks.

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Thank you Shaun for being an inspiration! :-)

Cathy O’Dowd

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Cathy O’ Dowd is a South African rock climber, mountaineer, author and motivational speaker, famous for being the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest from both south and north sides. Cathy uses all her mountaineering experience and now helps world class corporations in team dynamics and leadership as motivator and public speaker. She has travelled to 55 countries , she typically takes on two big expeditions each year..Having done climbs in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australasia..Just Missing Antarctica!

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Thank you Cathy..You make it sound like a cakewalk.. J

Tashi & Nungshi Malik

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Twin Summiteers, Guinness record holders as first female twins to climb Mount Everest and first siblings and twins to scale the Seven Summits..World’s First siblings, first twins and youngest persons, as well as First South Asians to complete Explorers Grand Slam..

And there is a lot more on their plate..Two beautiful minds and hearts Tashi & Nungshi are an inspiration to all men and women out there..Hats off to their parents for helping them dream and standing by them to achieve it..

Tashi and Nungshi..I can now recognize you two Siamese twins..:-) Thank you for a fun conversations and letting us see through your head and hard work..:-)

Find Tashi & Nungshi at, Look for them anywhere you will find them

Pino Bethencourt

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Pino Bethencourt helps CEOs and their organizations grow, not in size, but in depth.She talks about effortless leadership truly differently from what we have seen..She has helped women rise to the top of their fields and What she learned over the last twenty years, however, is that we don’t need to push women to the top, rather we should focus on bringing the men back down to Earth.

She calls upon women and men to drop masculine, strategic and forceful attitudes in order to awaken the more feminine side: the emotional, sensual and wild passion that drives men and women without effort. We are talking about embracing effortless leadership..Embracing the wild within us will help women find our natural strength and recover the place we lost in humanity. Founder of The LeadWithoutWords Group and part of the Ellevate Madrid Leadership Team, is the woman who reinvented her career and now she teaches what what she learned in the process..

Thank you so much Pino..For sharing your wild wisdom..Humanity truly needs it..

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Bill Jensen

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He has spent 25 years studying how work gets done and much of what he found horrified him. It was just too complicated and anti productivity. An internationally acclaimed Thought Leader who is know for his extremely useful content, with a passion for making it easier for everyone to work smarter, not harder..He helps companies & teams double their productivity and pursue the  passions passionately and simply..

Thanks Bill, what a fantastic and empowering conversation.. :-)

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Todd Horwitz

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A successful thirty year business career in finance, trading and money has taken him all over the financial map..He understood the importance of training in finance and the importance of educating people in finance..Todd is now devoting his full time to trading the markets and training traders of all levels in Stocks, Options and Commodities.He is also educating High School Seniors through an Investing Course any www. teaching them real world things that no School teaches..

Thanks Todd for visiting.. You are doing great service.. :-)

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